Giant Gargoyle

Giant gargoyles like these are sometimes found around giants’ castles or ruling over nests of normal-sized gargoyles.

First Encounter

SM 2 Native Elemental

Reaction Modifier 0
Morale 12

Basic Speed 6.50

Vision 9 Hearing 9 Smell 9

Traits Night Vision 5.


HP 27 FP 15 DR 7
Dodge 10 Parry 12 Block

Injury Tolerance Homogeneous, No Blood.
Brittle Whenever an injury cripples a gargoyle’s limb, the gargoyle must roll against HT. On a success, it only breaks off; otherwise, it shatters! Furthermore, any HT failure to avoid death means you shatter completely and are reduced to -10xHP.
Resistances Earth Attacks (+8; DR 20), Knockback (+3), Pain (+3).
Immunities Aging, Metabolic Hazards, Pressure, Suffocation, Surprise, Vacuum.
Weaknesses Gluttony (12).

Traits Combat Reflexes; Doesn’t Eat or Drink.


Ground Move 7
Air Move 12
Climbing Move 7

Giant Halberd (20) Swing: 5d+5 cutting or 5d+4 impaling. Reach 1-3*. Parry 12U. Thrust: 2d+5 impaling. Reach 1-3*. Parry 12.
Tail Axe (18) 5d+3 cutting double. Reach C-2. Side and Rear Hexes.
Claws & Teeth (14) 2d+4 crushing. Reach C, 1*.
Grapple (14) 2d+2 Control Points. Reach C, 1*.

Traits Clinging (Limited, Stone Only); Extra Attack 1; Flight (Winged).


ST 25 DX 15 HT 13
IQ 9 Per 9 Will 12

Traits Hideous Appearance.
Features Acting (Impersonating a Statue)-14; Brawling-18; Melee Weapon-20; Stealth-13 (15 against a stone background).

Treat the halberd as full-sized halberd that weighs 20 lbs. and has ST 19‡. The base price remains $150. If the tail is crippled and breaks off – or is removed post-mortem –, the PCs can loot it as a Gargoyle Axe. This inflicts sw+5 cut with Reach 1, 2* and ST 14‡; it weighs 12 lbs. and has a base price of $500.

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