Unlike many earth elementals, these hideous mixtures of human, animal, bird, and bat can fly – albeit not very well. They are dim, brutish things who enjoy only enjoy wanton destruction above wallowing in filth. They are not categorically evil or sadistic, but neither is uncommon, either. Gargoyles typically stand as tall as a man and weigh about 2.5 times as much, but larger specimens are rumored to exist – surely giants use giant gargoyles to protect their castles, right?

First Encounter

SM 0 Native Elemental

Reaction Modifier 0
Morale 10

Basic Speed 5.50

Vision 9 Hearing 9 Smell 9

Traits Night Vision 5.


HP 17 FP 12 DR 5
Dodge 9 Parry 12 Block

Injury Tolerance Homogeneous, No Blood.
Brittle Whenever an injury cripples gargoyle’s limb, the gargoyle must roll against HT. On a success, it only breaks off; otherwise, it shatters! Furthermore, any HT failure to avoid death means you shatter completely and are reduced to -10xHP.
Resistances Earth Attacks (+8; DR 10), Knockback (+3), Pain (+3).
Immunities Aging, Metabolic Hazards, Pressure, Suffocation, Surprise, Vacuum.
Weaknesses Gluttony (12).

Traits Combat Reflexes; Doesn’t Eat or Drink.


Ground Move 5
Air Move 10
Climbing Move 5

Weapon (16) Roll 1d to determine randomly:
1. Knobbed Club. 2d+2 crushing. Reach 1. Parry 12.
2. Mace. 2d+4 crushing or 2d+5 crushing. Reach 1. Parry 12U.
3. Axe. 2d+3 cutting or 2d+4 cutting. Reach 1. Parry 12U.
4. Flail. 2d+5 crushing. Reach 1, 2*. Parry 12U. Flail.
5. Maul. 2d+6 cutting. Reach 1, 2*. Parry 12U. Unready after an attack.
6. Great Axe. 2d+5 cutting. Reach 1, 2*. Parry 12U. Unready after an attack.
Tail Slap (12) 2d+1 crushing double knock-back. Reach C. Side and Rear Hexes.
Claws & Teeth (14) 1d+1 crushing. Reach C.
Grapple (14) 1d+1 Control Points. Reach C.

Traits Clinging (Limited, Stone Only); Flight (Winged).


ST 15 DX 14 HT 12
IQ 9 Per 9 Will 9

Traits Hideous Appearance.
Features Acting (Impersonating a Statue)-14; Brawling-13; Melee Weaon-15; Stealth-13 (15 against a stone background).

When impersonating a statue, roll a Quick Contest of the PCs’ best Perception versus the gargoyle’s Acting-14. If the gargoyle wins, the PCs only notice a statue, and the gargoyle can surprise them, if it so chooses. The gargoyle must be naked for this to work. May negotiate.

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